hello this is rndom.

i create and produce music and moving images with kosmoplovci, afterparty and other likeminded beings. join me on my discord server.

here is some of my recent work with kosmoplovci.

and here is some of my recent work with afterparty.

rndom soundcloud: latest tracks

afterparty soundcloud: latest tracks

rndom music mixes.

another autechre live mix is. there is so little respect to the guys out there.

this live mix is made with love from autechre music from their albums quaristice, quaristice (versions), draft 7.30, cichlisuite, anvil vapre, basscad ep, oversteps and move of ten.

in respect to shamen, and especially for the boss drum track from the same album and its many forms, rndom brings you a 33 minute long mix of various boss drum versions and remixes, taken mostly from boss drum 2x cd single released by one little indian in 1992.

'activate the rhythm the rhythm that has always been within you'

less known folders of german techno scene pioneer and one of its founders - westbam. in this mix rndom explores 'a practising maniac at work' album from 1991. and 'let yourself go' remixes from 1992., where we find some true gems of the early german techno scene days, before the mayday even happened.

52 minutes of it. enjoy.

prode, proket, meth, propaganda, spl, panacea, raiden, the dying punks, spirit, ebk, bulletproof, data, sinthetix, bad company.


i also invite you to my 24/7 video stream 'rndomTV' broadcast through spektrum.kosmoplovci.org and kosmoplovci.net.

rndomTV is a 24/7 stream of selected demoscene and other audiovisual works from serbian, balkan and global underground scenes active in visual and aural science. hand picked by rndom over years and decades, and regularly updated, rndomTV is a constantly evolving collection of demoscene stuff, experimental music and videos, live performances, films and series, both old and new, covering current events but also keeping track of music and art history.

audio-only mp3 version of the stream is also available, you can connect using embedded player below this text or connecting to direct stream link in your player or browser. you can also use this autogenerated m3u playlist file if it works better for your setup.