kosmoplovci.net experimental video broadcast
is now OFFLINE

due to it's extentive bandwidth usage by current (non-p2p) video streaming technology, we are not (yet) able to provide continous visual stream. until conditions are improved, and we start next experimental phase, here is an information trace from the previous test attempt.

kosmoplovci.net experimental video broadcast

is using Nullsoft NSV format with VP6 codec for video and AAC codec for audio.
in order to watch the stream, you need to have NSV capable player like winamp.

current encoding profiles have been taken from demoscene.tv EasyNSV package, providing good quality files oriented for ADSL/CABLE 512kbps and faster connections. lowering bitrate is one of the top research priorities, hopefully to make stream accessible to 256kbps connections.

and last, but not the least, kosmoplovci.net video server is in test phase,
so do expect troubles...

click here to connect
>> nsv_400kbps

click here to contact>> kosmoplovci@kosmoplovci.net