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the computer and the mind of man: program I: logic by machine / the persistence of memory a.k.a. logic by computers by kosmoplovci in 2010 audioinfo>> audio performed live during kosmoplovci transmission 17/05/2005 contains following music (0-100% variable)>> - autechre - ipacial section [untilted, 2005, warp] - qita/amza/sevqet/sultan/dominator - rdio [qita remix 1, 2006, floatingjoint/kosmoplovci] - elín - as the phoenix arises its radience strikes the sun [dark vault, 2004, enoughrecords] - rashid - vd07 (totalno zakivanje) [vestacka detekcija, 2005, floatingjoint/kosmoplovci] - rashid - vd02 [vestacka detekcija, 2005, floatingjoint/kosmoplovci] videoinfo>> video created using original audio recording as a soundtrack, synced with appropriate video footage from the corresponding science movies. serbian and english subtitles are hardcoded in the movie. audiovideo samples taken from>> 1. the computer and the mind of man: program I: logic by machine (1965) english language audio, hardcoded serbian subtitles. 2. Carl Sagan's COSMOS, episode 11 - The Persistence of Memory (1980) serbian language voiceover, hardcoded english subtitles. credits>> everything conceived, performed and edited by dominator more>> listen to scientists, they have something to say! use the internets, watch the original videos. share >> learn >> create >> evolve >> 01/08/2010