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A DVD disc image compiling some of the demoscene's best moments. Video captures of 15 award-winning demos and intros.

What are demos? They are programs that will run on your PC, or your Commodore 64, or your game console, or even your cell phone. They are computer art, including music, 2D images, 3D modeling and animation, visual effects, and sometimes even poetry. Some demos have artificial restrictions put on them, such as being limited to 64 KB (or even 32 bytes!) to increase the coding challenge. Others stress the most powerful hardware to get top-notch visuals. The demoscene is an international, dynamic group promoting and partaking in this form of expression.

This volume includes:
Conspiracy - Project Genesis
Conspiracy - A Place Called Universe
Conspiracy - The Prophecy: Project Nemesis
Ümlaüt Design - Structure
Ümlaüt Design - Structure 2: Sequence
Kewlers and MFX - X-Mix 2004 "Ion Traxx"
Black Maiden - Interceptor
Kolor - Relais
Fairlight - Che Guevara
LKCC and Bauknecht - Perfect Love
Outracks - Blockbuster
Portal Process - Resonance
Plastic - 195/95 (Final version)
Plastic - Final Audition
Synesthetics - STS-03: Aeon Flux

See www.pouet.net for more info about demos and the demoscene, or to download any of these demos (and more) to run on your computer!

>> vuze infopage
>> vuze torrent
>> torrentech.org page
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